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the pioneer of dermatoglyphics technology in Asia-Pacific

Ruei Bin, LIN alias Jui Pin, LIN (Prof.) was born in Taiwan in 1967 and has dedicated his life in education and research of dermatoglyphics study and its application into human potential development. 

He hails from the background of teaching and lecturing in Taiwan with extensive knowledge in mathematics, children mental development and coursework development.

As a passionate education figure in Taichung City (Taiwan), he is active in conducting public seminars, health talks and Neuro-Linguistic Programmes (NLP) too.

Prof. Lin currently chairs the following organisations:

Well Gene Sciences Inc.
Brain Child Learning Group
Chong Hwa Spiritual, Mental & Physical Association
Potential Development Unit
Proactive Intelligence International
Zhong Shan University Training Society
Yuanzhi University Lifelong Learning Department 
Chong Hwa Early Childhood “Go” Chess Development
Taiwan School-Tutorial Association
Taiwan National Healthy Living Association
Lions’ Educational Club

Director of R&D



Prof. Lin is the founder of the applied knowledge of dermatoglyphics (fingerprint) and turning it into a semi-automated computer software.  It has functions to detect and to generate a comprehensive report featuring human brain’s potential, talent and characteristics.

He has many educational partnerships and in China alone, dozens of affiliated learning centres. With years of experience in dermatoglpyhics analysis, he has also accumulated invaluable information and statistics through millions of dermatoglyphics reports generated worldwide under his technology.

Prof. Lin took more than15 years analyzing and improving dermatoglyphics technology. For his contribution in dermatoglyphics, he was awarded the United States Patent for his invention.

Prof. Lin currently sits on board in Well Gene Sciences Inc (Taiwan), Director at Brain Child Learning Group (Malaysia), Director at Brain Child Learning Ltd (UK) and Senior Advisor at My DNA Pte Ltd (Singapore).

Patricia Foong
Research Member of Prof. Dr. Feng De Quan
Early Child Research Centre (China)
Inspiring Early Childhood Educator
ProDip ECE (Taiwan)

  • Nursery, Kindergarten Lesson Plan and Curriculum Planning
  • Childern Mandarin Class Teacher Training
  • Conduct Kindergarten Teachers Training, Workshops and seminars
  • Administration for Nursery, Kindergarten : Structure, Philosophy & Policies
  • Planning, Training and Lecture on Childern Folk Dance

Research Members of the Department of Mental Development

Prof Lin
Mr Jason Teo
Ms Rachel Yong


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