Brainy Kishow’s teaching methods enable the students to learn through exploring, experiments, programme guidance and expression & communication.

* Based on scientific facts. For example, the Earth has interesting facts and matters such as chemical, cool outer space and animal topics.
*These facts activate the students’ curiosity and increase their exploring interest.
* Through the exploring process and teachers’ guidance, students learn the proper method and attitude. For example, observations, experiments and theories, and can make conclusions effectively.

* Students learn the hands-on approach to carry out the experiments and explore science.
* Know the scientific process such as the techniques and its relations with society in order to understand science better.
* Students will gradually have a strong basic foundation on science subject.
* Students will conduct several experiments and explore the facts and figures in science.
* These experiments stimulate the students’ creativity and practical ability.

Programme Guidance-
* The scientific knowledge that the teachers teach will strengthen the students’ critical thinking, analysing and problem-solving ability.
* Students learn scientific knowledge, develop effective character and be creative.

Expression & Communication-
* In the learning process, students will be divided into groups to boost up their learning interest, express respect for others, learn to cooperate and communicate.
* This self-learning task allows the students to ask questions, make theories, discuss and express effectively.
* These build-up the students’ critical thinking and discovery potential.