Brainy Kishow believes that if we are able to systematically teach science in a simplified form, we can assure that the students will understand the scientific theories clearly. Therefore, the students will have high confidence level to ask questions.
Grouping & Thorough understanding-
* The students not only learn from books but also carry out scientific research, play science games, attend biology classes & technical activities, study human body facts and learn the visual & spatial techniques.
* This learning process makes the students refer to books and search for other references to gain scientific knowledge.
* They take part in a discussion, participate in activities and give comments.

* Teachers’ guidance and explanation are important for the students to learn and understand science.
* After getting the experiment results, the students will make assumptions and record the answers confidently.

* In order to let the students understand the experiment procedures and objectives, teachers will introduce the laboratory equipment and its usage.
* This is to avoid the students’ confusion about the experiment procedures.
* Teachers will then conduct the experiment to raise the students’ curiosity.

* Students will have their own set of equipment to enable them carry out the experiment effectively.
*Students will apply the hands-on approach.
* Thus, students are able to observe and enjoy the experiment process and make assumptions & theories.

* After conducting the experiments, teachers will refer the students to a suitable solution to discuss on the results of the experiments.
* After a series of discussions, teachers will explain the results of the experiment in detail.