★ Build the students’ competitiveness
* Train the students’ fine motor skills, increase scientific knowledge and explore ability.
* The students will be active, can understand better and have interest in learning.

★ Systemic topics
* The main topics are based on the students’ common daily situations and school syllabus, which is practical and realistic for the students.

★ Multiple designs and safe teaching materials
* We use many teaching tools and each student is given a teaching kit.

*All the facilities and designs are prepared according to the safety guidelines as practiced in many schools all over the world.
* Safety precaution is taken into consideration to prevent danger or risk during class.

★ The hands-on approach will give better results
* The teaching process allows the students to do, observe and explore things by themselves.
* The one-to-one set materials, group demonstration, experiments and teachers’ guidance enable the students to learn progressively.
★ Interesting teaching methodology
* Students’ imaginative and creative skills are interesting and these are part of their multiple intelligences.
* In class, teachers use interesting teaching methodology to motivate the students’ curiosity to help them to complete their experiments.
* This helps to gain their confidence and achievement.

★ Topics are clear and easy to understand
* The topics in the programme are clear and consistent with experiments.
* The hands-on approach enables the students to understand better to what is written in the books.

★ Students’ benefit
* Brainy Kishow programme is exciting and students will enjoy it!