Brainy Kishow is China’s renowned educational organisation, Beijing Global Education in Science & Technology Ltd. in cooperation with North America’s international scientific brand. Brainy Kishow’s programme in China is unique and within two years, it has set-up centres in 20 cities.

It is recommended by the International Children’s Scientific Association, China’s Scientific Association, Beijing Scientific Association, Board of City Education and Weekly Science & Technology as a popular learning subject.

About 100,000 students in Taiwan, Singapore, US and Canada have joined this programme. There are 20 flagship centres in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. There are plans to expand to 50 cities in within three years, collaboration with kindergartens, schools and science centres, and to set-up franchise centres across the country.

Brainy Kishow has the complete set of teaching tools and materials to create global scientific brand. Its programme method is the only brand in Malaysia that gives students the hands-on approach in science. This programme is designed mainly for children between the ages of 4-12 years old. It teaches them about natural science, enhance their creativity, imagination, communication and build good teamwork.

Brainy Kishow provides a suitable environment and learning methods to let students discover science in daily life. At the same time, they also learn about the balanced usage of the left and right brain.

Brainy Kishow has sufficient teaching materials to enable students to learn and carry out unique interesting experiments simultaneously building-up their learning interest.

The programme level is from beginners to advance stage and the topics are based on the students’ common situations and school syllabus. This helps the students to learn progressively, achieves effective self-learning and score good grades in natural science subjects at school.

The exciting teaching methods that our professional teachers apply in class motivate the students’ learning habits. Hence, they will experience the fun of learning and understand the difference between physics, chemistry, biology, botanic or any general knowledge.

Besides adhering to the field of natural sciences, Brainy Kishow also stimulates the students’ learning potential, curiosity and self-learning styles.