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Q: What are BCL and its Mental Fitness Centre/s all about?

A: BCL is a mind skill development company who run after school and weekend classes through its network of learning centres. Targeted mainly at children aged 5 to 15. BCL has several courses to make children brighter by working on their mind skills, as brain is virtually the control centre of our lives. Our Courses are designed to train a child to unleash their inner potential. It is a stimulating and comprehensive course that emphasise on a 3-Step Approach, DISCOVER, UNLEASH and ENHANCE. 3 courses in BCL's ENHANCE stage (brainy series) are designed to build firm foundation for children. It uses mind games and pro-active method to sharpen children's mental power. Besides that, motivational training is also included as an effective tool to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Q: What is the content of this programme?

A: BCL’s programme consists of 3 steps.  Step 1(discover) is Dermatoglyphics Test and then step 2(Unleash) is intensive mind workshop for the 2-Days.  Subsequently, the students May proceed to Step 3 where they continue their foundation building at Weekly Classes by choosing one or more of the brainy series courses.  The 2 day workshop is conducted with fundamentals of motivation, metaphorical thinking (visualisation), brain-coordination exercise and IQ games.  Meanwhile, the Weekly Class acts as a follow-up lesson to strengthen their mental power and to transform them into a ‘High Performer’.

Q: Are we (parents) allowed to sit in the class?

A: Usually parents are not allowed to join in the class due to distraction not only to their child but also to other children. We encourage children to be independent and therefore, parents' participation may affect the desired outcome of BCL.

Q: What kind of teaching material or method is used in this Weekly Class?

A: Audio-visual (AV) equipment, books, other printed materials and lots of participation.

Q: How do you justify the effectiveness of this programme? Any specific time frame?

A: Just as other learning programmes, it will take time to see the results and the encouragement from parents is very important.  Ultimately all students may have general improvement such as expressing themselves, sharper mind, stress management (during revision), quick recalling skills (during exams) and a more creative mind.  As a rule of thumb, parents will see improvement after 2-3 months of participation at BCL’s Mental Fitness Centre.

Q: What if my child did not acquire the skills I desire? Will I get a refund?

A: BCL do not practise refund policy. However most children are benefited one way or the other. All children are unique and will have different improvements based on their participation and interest shown in the class and practice done at home.

Q: What qualification does the tutor has?

A: Our tutors come from various background such as education, public relations, psychology, seminar management and marketing.  All of them are trained according to the training guideline set by our principal in Singapore.  Most trainers have prior experience in working with children.

Q: Will the 2-Day Intensive Workshop affect my child's brain development?

A: BCL is a proven mind development programme.  Perhaps you may have heard of children mind or brain-activation using energy healing or ‘qi-gong’ but it can be assured that BCL’s coursework is strictly scientific.  By the way, BCL has conducted workshops in over 13 countries including in Japan, India, Australia, United Kingdom, China etc.

Q: What is the purpose of the 2-Day Intensive Workshop? What about the Dermatoglyphics report?

A: As mentioned earlier, the workshop is important because it is the pre-requisite lesson prior to Weekly Class.  Its purpose is to activate their hibernating brain, to ‘get them ready’ and to bridge the communication platform of both brain hemispheres.  The Dermatoglyphics report is a comprehensive report that allows parents to know the inborn characteristic of their child.  Hence parents can groom their child according their strength without ‘trial an error’ anymore.

Q: How accurate is the Dermatoglyphics report? What are the benefits?

A: Dermatoglyphics technology is proven and has accuracy exceeding 95% to decode one’s inborn traits or characteristic.  In fact, there is a direct co-relation between the development of a child’s brain and their fingerprints in their mother’s womb (from Week 13 onwards). This technology is recognised worldwide and the research is still ongoing after 100 years.


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