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Brainy Workshop

The methodology of this workshop is originated from Japan.  It is also commonly known as Brain Activation Workshop because the techniques are designed to ‘awaken a hibernating brain’ and to unleash its potential.

BCL procured this methodology in 2005 and developed it into a standard workshop which is suitable for children of all nations.  Tens of thousands of students have participated in this sensory enhancement workshop and countless testimonies were given by parents and students all over the world.

BCL is one of the pioneers in the Asia-Pacific region in brain activation.  The team members involved in the development of Brainy Workshop (Sensory Enhancement Workshop) are CS Lim, Ricky Chong and Jason Teo.

What is Brainy Workshop (Sensory Enhancement Workshop)

SENSORY ENHANCEMENT is designed as a 2-day mental development workshop to unleash children’s inborn mental ability (including sub-conscious mind), concentration and memory.  The objective of SENSORY ENHANCEMENT Workshop is to give children a perception that their brain is awesome and limitless.

Since most children have no prior experience in attending mental development courses, hence this workshop serves as an introduction to what mental development is all about.

In conventional schools, children are mainly taught with left-brain dominant lessons (math, language) and traditional learning styles. 

On the other hand, this workshop is tilted towards right-brain training and it compliments what children lacked in conventional teaching. 

The SENSORY ENHANCEMENT Workshop is all about fun learning and it is suitable for children between the ages of 6 to 15.

  • To UNLEASH children’s inborn brain power by the methodology of Sensory Enhancement
  • To INCREASE mental power (quicker & sharper mind) and strength of right-brain
  • To AWAKEN children’s ‘hibernating brain’ and to acquire MENTAL READING skill (please refer below or next page on Mental Reading)
  • To IMPROVE positive thinking, creativity, memory and concentration
  • To ACQUIRE the foundation skill to more effective learning, be it academic or social (i.e. EQ and self-confidence)

Once the children are exposed to both left and right brain training, then they would have achieved a balanced way of thinking and learning as the communication platform between both brain’s hemispheres are bridged.

MENTAL FITNESS INSTRUCTORS of Brain Child Learning are certified and experienced trainers and they responsible to conduct the following activities:

  • Mental Test and Memory Games
    • to encourage participation from students to answer simple riddles that require cognitive function from left and right brain
    • to improve confidence and self-esteem of children through participation in vigorous activities
  • Brain Coordination Exercise and Mental Exercise
    • to link the coordination and synchronisation of left and right brain by using kinesthetic (body) movement
    • to understand the importance of practising good breathing techniques as part of EQ management

  • Audio and Visual Stimulation
    • using Smart Wave System (SWS) to unleash inborn brain power and potential
    • audio-visual stimulation is also the foundation to EQ and creativity enhancement

  • Power of Visualisation
    • using creative imagination techniques to stimulate the brain of a child
    • to enhance concentration ability (to benefit the child at school and in daily activities)

What is Mental Reading?

Mental Reading is a form of basic Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) where a child is able to sense the objects they hold or things nearby (in a form of visualisation).  Every child has this natural ability but many are neglected of this skill.  To unleash this mental power, a child should attend Sensory Enhancement Workshop.” 

Quote: Jason Teo, Master Trainer of Sensory Enhancement

Children can obtain Mental Reading skill by participating in SENSORY ENHANCEMENT Workshop.  This revolutionary mental skill is taught (practised) based on visualisation and concentration techniques.  In fact, it is also a form of relaxation method to build a stronger sub-conscious platform.

Mental Reading is science and definitely not supernatural.  A child can obtain this skill naturally after attending the workshop conducted by Brain Child Learning.  Afterall our brain power is beyond boundaries.  Human being uses less than 10% of their brain’s ability and the rest of the areas are still unexplored.  SENSORY ENHANCEMENT Workshop provides one of the keys to unlock the unexplored area.

A simple way to describe Mental Reading is shown below:

Strong & Healthy Body = Physical Exercise
(swimming, jogging & etc.)

Strong & Healthy Mind
= Brain Exercise (Mental Reading skill)

The objective is to let children realise that their brain is powerful, creative, possess endless potential and they can achieve high-level of concentration.  At Brain Child Learning, we want our students to say with confidence, “Wow! My brain is awesome”.

I believe that to raise children who will be capable of soaring up into the 21st century, it is necessary for us to wake up to the fact that unknown and unexplainable abilities do exist.  It is necessary to put new methods of education into practice that will develop these special abilities.”

Quote: Professor Makoto Shichida
The Pioneer and the “Guru” of Mental Development



Brain-Child LearningTM developed the SENSORY ENHANCEMENT Workshop and Mental Reading skill based on scientific and motivational-teaching method.  There are NO elements of spirituality, religion, energy healing or supernatural practice.


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