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Brain-Child Learning (BCL) is a Franchisor and positions itself as an innovator in ‘human development’ with involvement in education for the past 15 years in mental development, pre-schools (kindergarten) and tutorial centres.

Brain Child International Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) is the principal and the owner of the learning technologies and intellectual properties (IPs).  BCL is active in supporting its operations in the Asia-Pacific region with creative marketing, coursework development and collaboration efforts.

In the late 1990s, BCL discovered that poor performance among Asian students is due to the imbalance use of the left brain (logical) and the right brain (creative) hemispheres. Knowing that the market of mental development is still in its infant stage, BCL began to explore into various learning technologies available in this region.  As a result of dedicated research, an amazing learning concept was conceived, the Brain-Child Learning TM programme.

Brain-Child LearningTM programme is perhaps one of the most unique programmes in the Asia-Pacific region.  BCL’s signature education concept of Step 1-2-3 is meticulously designed to ‘discover the genius’ in a child. 

Step 1 is the latest version of Dermatoglyphics Test (fingerprint DNA profiling system) to uncover the hidden talent of a child with up to 95% accuracy. 

Step 2 conducted as Brain Activation Workshop to unleash a child’s brain potential by using a sensory-enhancement technology, the Smart Wave System (SWS) to stimulate children’s mental ability.

Step 3 consists of a series of Brainy Series (weekly classes) designed to enhance learning skills such creativity, memory, concentration, logical and language.

Currently BCL has offices and licensed learning centres in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Taiwan, Nepal, India and Australia.  Brain-Child Learning TM programmes have also made its presence in the United Kingdom, China and Singapore through its international associates. 

BCL’s vision is to introduce quality education and to build a strong foundation for every child and to enable them to experience a composed and relaxed life, be it schooling or social interaction.

As a forward thinking organisation, BCL is committed to continue developing learning technologies to enrich and empower people globally.  We believe in the power of sharing and this philosophy will ultimately drive our organisation to greater heights.


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